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Learn how to get and stay fit and healthy, without hating every moment of your exercise routine. There is a way, and it’s written in your DNA.


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DNA Gene Fitness

by Xcode

Find a fitness regimen with real impact that leaves you feeling energized instead of exhausted. Get better results from your training than ever by adapting your workouts to your genes. 

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by dnaPower

Find the exercise right for you! The most comprehensive fitness report available. Work with your body instead of against it. Learn where you are genetically strong and weak to help you maintain a healthy body and reach your goals more quickly.

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HomeDNA™ Healthy Weight is a science-based weight-management test & program that provides diet and exercise strategies tailored to your DNA.

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Get 140+ reports based on your DNA data, for every aspect of your wellness, including nutrition & metabolism, fitness, skincare, allergies & sensitivities, personality & learning.

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by LifeNome

Should you do power exercises, endurance exercises or both? Learn how your genetic makeup impacts your fitness, with our 27 reports and recommendations.

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Your best race performance is yet to come