Can you imagine a more perfect gift?

Whether you’re treating yourself or someone else in your life, an item that is specifically customized to DNA will never ever go out of style.


Editor's Choice

Looking to give your work or weekend look that extra special je ne sais quoi? You can't go wrong with colorful, DNA patterned socks.

Man wearing striped t-shirt under a denim jacket

Authenticity never goes out of style and neither do completely unique, bright, bold colour patterns.

Man wearing striped DNA scarf

The one and only scarf that truly goes with anything, because it just suits you.

DNA art poster on the wall in living room above the couch

Your DNA Art

by DNA Art US

Display art from your own DNA results, on Acrylic, Metal, Canvas, and Digitally.

Folded DNA tartan

We analyse a part of the genetic code which makes you unique and convert the data into your very own DNA personalised design.

Genetic art poster print

Create a new type of self-portrait using your DNA data. Become an expressionist artist by using a little science.