Health doesn't guarantee happiness but it's a great place to start

Your DNA is the key to learning how to wake up every morning feeling healthy, strong, and energetic. Start your journey to better health today.


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DNA Nutrition Report

by Athletigen

Take the guesswork out of picking the right diet by learning how your DNA influences your body's response to over 40 nutrients, from Vitamin A to minerals, saturated fats, and sugars. 

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Editor's Choice


by dnaPower

Do you have issues with hormones, inflammation, detoxification or methylation? Understand your body at a deeper level. Learn where you need to support your body the most.

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HomeDNA™ Healthy Weight is a science-based weight-management test & program that provides diet and exercise strategies tailored to your DNA.

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DNA Gene Health

by Xcode

Take charge of your health today. Your genes may predispose you to one/more of these four concealed hitmen!

DNA Wellness Report

by Athletigen

Discover the cause of any health risks you may have experienced directly or through close family, and learn how to make lifestyle adjustments that will help improve your health and wellbeing. 

Editor's Choice

dietPower by dnaPower

by dnaPower

The most comprehensive diet report available, analysing over 100 SNP’s related to food and supplements.

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Say hello to the perfect skin you always wanted, and buh-bye to age spots, acne, pimple scars, fine lines, sagging, black/white heads, pigmentation, and uneven skin tone.

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DNA Gene Allergy

by Xcode

Xcode uses DNA test to uncover your allergic hypersensitivities to a variety common and rare allergens, including: food, light, pets, nuts, dust mites, milk, egg, and pests.

Learn how your body responds to diet, fitness, detoxification, inflammation, methylation, hormones and even mental wellness.

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Tailor your drug therapy according to your genes and reap the benefits of personalized medicine.