Your DNA stays anonymous, encrypted, and private

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You own it, we store it

In the DNA Vault, your data is yours and yours alone. We ensure any apps or services you use get only the specific genes they need for analysis, and never your full genome or personal information. Your data is anonymized, encrypted, and carefully access controlled, so no one can access it without your permission.

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DNA Vault for scientists

If you’re working on a research project, we will happily store all your genetic data for free. No matter the volume or type of data, zebra fish included, your data will be perfectly safe and instantly accessible for analysis. There are no hidden fees and no surprises, your data will be under your control and stored entirely for free, always.

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Why add your data to the DNA Vault?


End-to-end encryption for all your data

Your data is encrypted the moment it leaves your computer, travels on encrypted communication channels, and stays encrypted when it is stored in the DNA Vault.

Full anonymity. No name, no face, no number

Your DNA and personal data are anonymized, and app partners only receive the specific genes they need to analyze, never your full genome or identity. You are always completely incognito when you use the DNA Vault and the Lumminary App Store.

A free, universal right to privacy

The DNA Vault keeps your data safe and private for free. No strings attached, no surprises, no fine print. We believe everyone should have the right to protect their genetic data and their privacy, without owing anyone anything.

Merge DNA data from multiple sources

If you've done multiple DNA tests before you started using your Lumminary account, you can upload your genetic data from all these different sources (23andMe, etc.) and we will merge it so you have access to all of it, as one genome, in one place, the DNA Vault.

All formats supported

Do you have your DNA data already? Check out some genetic providers below.
If you do, you can start using our DNA Vault and access the DNA App Store right away!

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Our platform supports all genetic data formats. Your data can be from 23andMe, or come in any other format: FASTQ, FASTA, BAM, SAM, VCF etc.

Data on your computer or cloud drive may not be encrypted and, even if you've taken the precaution to ensure it is, it still won't be useful. The benefit of having genetic data is that you can discover new things about your health, ancestry, body type, and many others. The DNA Vault is the most advanced platform in the world that keeps your data secure and anonymized, so you can get new insights without giving up control of your privacy.

We want to make genetic testing as easy as possible for everyone. A free service like the DNA Vault makes it possible to access hundreds of new insights instantly without sharing your data with tens of providers and without waiting weeks for resequencing. It gives you power over your own data, it keeps you safe and anonymous when you buy genetic tests.
For researchers, we simply want to make an impact in the science community. We intend to support the advancement of science in any way we can, and giving a platform to individual genetics specialists can help speed up projects, research, and the development of new ways to understand DNA.

Here you can find instructions of how to download your data from 23andMe. How to download your DNA data from 23andMe?

Yes, absolutely. The DNA Vault allows you to combine your genome readings from multiple sources (23andMe, etc.) and in different formats (FASTQ, FASTA, BAM, SAM, VCF etc.) into one complete version for you to have and use.

We encrypt, anonymize, and access control your data permanently.

Your personal data goes through a process of anonymizing where it is replaced with a digital identity that cannot be tracked back to you.

No one except you, unless you share access with a third party. When you buy one of the genetics apps from our DNA App Store, you give the app permission to access only the specific genes or parts of your DNA that are needed for the analysis. This information is sent to them on an encrypted communication channel, so they can run the analysis and give you DNA insights.

Yes. You can both delete your account and remove your data from the platform. Your DNA data is completely under your control.

If another provider has asked you directly for your data, or if you would like to use it for a different service, contact our support team. They can check if we have a pending integration to the provider, and how your data can be shared securely.

You can sequence your DNA with Lumminary. We have multiple sequencing options, depending on how complete you want the sequencing to be, and what your budget also allows for. Start here to choose the sequencing service that's right for you.

What is the right DNA sequencing for me?

Whether you want to start small or get the whole picture, every type of sequencing gives you access to new and exciting genetic apps and insights.

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Whole Exome Sequencing+

~ 30 million DNA letters (bases)

~1% of the genome

50x coverage - Approx, 150 MB

What is Whole Exome Sequencing+?
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Whole Genome Sequencing

6 billion DNA letters (bases)

100% of the genome

15x coverage - Approx. 45 GB

What is Whole Genome Sequencing?
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Whole Genome Sequencing+

6 billion DNA letters (bases)

100% of the genome

30x coverage - Approx. 90 GB

What is Whole Genome Sequencing+?

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