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Your DNA contains a wealth of information about your personality but also your physical predispositions, from your allergies, to the way you age. Discover what they mean for your lifestyle today.


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Create a new type of self-portrait using your DNA data. Become an expressionist artist by using a little science.

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The highest quality sequence we offer. WGS+ reads 100% of your DNA and unlocks access to all DNA apps currently in the store.

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by LifeNome

Understand your unique DNA-based skin aging, and your intrinsic defense mechanism against pollution and sun radiation.

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Thrive - Weight Management Plan

by Toolbox Genomics

Balance your weight, balance your life.

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Our most affordable option. It reads ~1% of your DNA and unlocks access to around 4 in 5 apps in our store.

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dietPower by dnaPower

by dnaPower

The most comprehensive diet report available, analysing over 100 SNP’s related to food and supplements.

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Get 140+ reports based on your DNA data, for every aspect of your wellness, including nutrition & metabolism, fitness, skincare, allergies & sensitivities, personality & learning.

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by LifeNome

Explore the role DNA plays in your personality traits, learning predispositions, and interpersonal tendencies.

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Read your entire genome and unlock access to all DNA apps currently in the store.

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by LifeNome

Explore Your DNA-based predisposition to allergies and sensitivities, watch out for symptoms & design the optimal lifestyle plan for you.

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DNA Gene Allergy

by Xcode

Xcode uses DNA test to uncover your allergic hypersensitivities to a variety common and rare allergens, including: food, light, pets, nuts, dust mites, milk, egg, and pests.

Learn how your body responds to diet, fitness, detoxification, inflammation, methylation, hormones and even mental wellness.

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Empower - Health Enrichment Plan

by Toolbox Genomics

Discover what’s possible with high-quality living