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Your DNA contains a wealth of information about your personality but also your physical predispositions, from your allergies, to the way you age. Discover what they mean for your lifestyle today.


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Empower - Health Enrichment Plan

by Toolbox Genomics

Discover what’s possible with high-quality living

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dietPower by dnaPower

by dnaPower

The most comprehensive diet report available, analysing over 100 SNP’s related to food and supplements.

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DNA Gene Allergy

by Xcode

Xcode uses DNA test to uncover your allergic hypersensitivities to a variety common and rare allergens, including: food, light, pets, nuts, dust mites, milk, egg, and pests.

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Editor's Choice

Thrive - Weight Management Plan

by Toolbox Genomics

Balance your weight, balance your life.

Learn how your body responds to diet, fitness, detoxification, inflammation, methylation, hormones and even mental wellness.

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Read your entire genome and unlock access to all DNA apps currently in the store.

DNA Wellness Report

by Athletigen

Discover the cause of any health risks you may have experienced directly or through close family, and learn how to make lifestyle adjustments that will help improve your health and wellbeing. 

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Our most affordable option. It reads ~1% of your DNA and unlocks access to around 4 in 5 apps in our store.

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The highest quality sequence we offer. WGS+ reads 100% of your DNA and unlocks access to all DNA apps currently in the store.