Discover something amazing about yourself today

Your DNA is a blueprint of you. Learn what type of diet, exercise, sleep cycle, or environment can make you feel happier and healthier, start discovering your heritage, or prepare to grow your family, by understanding your DNA today.

Sequence your DNA once, access hundreds of insights in a jiffy

One DNA sequence is all we need to connect you to tens of genetic applications and hundreds of tests. We will then keep your data perfectly safe and private, so you can discover amazing insights about yourself without any risks, wait times or re-sequencing fees!

What is DNA sequencing?
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A little parcel in the mail!

We’ll send you our DNA collection kit, with super simple instructions for collecting a saliva sample.

Vector art DNA collection kit

Hit return... (swoosh!)

Once your sample is collected, just mail the kit right back to us. It’s easy, safe, and free!

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Done. Yay!

We will sequence your sample and upload your data in the DNA Vault, so you can access DNA apps instantly!

DNA and Sequencing

Key facts about sequencing your DNA

What is DNA sequencing?

DNA is a code, made up of over 6 billion letters. Sequencing reads all or part of this code.

No pain, just gain

We only need a saliva sample to read your DNA. It’s very simple and pain free.

Do it at home

Our collection kit is meant to be used at home, in just a few minutes of spare time.

Why DNA?

DNA contains information about every single process and characteristic of your body. It’s a blueprint of you.

It's worth the wait

Sequencing your DNA takes around 40 days, but you can then get new insights from this data endlessly.

Your DNA Vault: free, secure, and under your control always

If you’ve already taken a DNA test, just upload your genetic data file into your Lumminary account (worry not, we’ll show you how!), and we’ll keep it safe, completely private, and ready to give you new insights.

Explore the DNA Vault
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