ALTIS Sport Performance Report

ALTIS Sport Performance Report

Get personalised athletic advice based on your DNA from Dan Pfaff, Altis head coach who trained athletes that won multiple gold medals at the Olympics and World Championships.

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The science of winning in athletic strength, flexibility, endurance, and speed

Created in partnership with one of the world's top coaches and sport performance organisations, the ALTIS report delivers insights into over 50 markers in your DNA, and analyzes the impact on 22 traits, to deliver a comprehensive report of >30 pages.


Altis is one of the world's leading athletic training centers which focuses on the individual development of elite athletes in track and field. Altis coaches are some of the best in the world and the Altis principles and environment are recognized among top tier athletes in over 30 countries. 

Dan Pfaff

In his career of over 44 years, Dan Pfaff was the director of both the United States Olympic Training Center and the Lee Valley Athletics Centre in the United Kingdom. He has coached multiple athletes to gold medals at the Olympics and the World Championships, and is an internationally recognized educator of the best calibre.

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About Athletigen & ALTIS

Athletigen is a sports genetics company with a mission to educate and empower the community with their personal genetic information. Like any elite sports team, the team at Athletigen is motivated by success. They're innovators, their diverse backgrounds and varied experience help them bring fresh ideas to the table daily. They're united by their core commitment to helping every person understand how they are Made for More.

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