Optimum Movement and Recovery

Optimum Movement and Recovery

We teamed up with the MobilityWOD experts to create a personalized analysis of key risk areas for injury, and we combine DNA analysis with suggestions for better ways to move, recover, and rest. 

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Optimize your Mobility. Prevent Injury. Train Smarter. Recover Better.

This unique report combines scientific DNA-based insights on injury risk with recommendations, insights, and video tips on how to exercise better, enable your body to recover faster, and prevent damage to your muscles or joints from movement. Mobility expert Dr. Kelly Starrett from MobilityWOD and his team put together the extremely practical and insightful guides you will love to use. 


By identifying areas that are at risk of injury, you can prevent the harm before it happens, and give your body the care and attention it deserves.


Some types of exercise are truly more pain than gain. Learn what kind of activities are a good fit for your DNA, so you can meet your training and fitness goals quicker and easier. 


How much rest is enough to keep your body in top shape and get optimum benefits from training? The answer is different for each of us. DNA analysis combined with expert advice can help you find your optimum recovery rate. 


Knowing what to train is not the same as knowing HOW to train. That's why the experts at Athletigen and MobilityWOD worked together to create over 40 hours of educational video content.


Your training technique is essential to preventing injuries, but so is knowing exactly what areas are most at risk. Combining scientific insights on injury risk for your muscles, joints, and bones, with good technique and training practices is the best way to ensure you make the most of your training. 

bone health

Understanding the genetic predispositions that affect your bones can change not only the way you move and train, but also your everyday behaviors. Staying active in the right ways can help improve your quality of life not just now, but for years to come. 

joint health

Joint stiffness and soreness sometimes appear with age, but they're also the mark of suboptimal training and movement patterns. Learn how to protect your joints at any age and in every activity with insights based on your genetic predispositions and expert advice. 

muscular health

DNA can influence your muscle types and the types of activities they respond best to, from resistance training to cardio, to everything in between. Learn how to work to your strengths and get the most from your muscles, without increasing your risk of innjury. 

exercise recovery

Giving your joints and muscles the appropriate time to recover after intense exercise is a key part of developing strength, flexibility, and endurance. Learn how much recovery time you need based on your genetics, to ensure you're always performing your best.

sleep hygeine

Sleep can make or break a recovery, and the amount of sleep we get can also be either highly beneficial or detrimental to our personal goals. Learn how much sleep you need to feel like your best self. 

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About Athletigen & Mobility WOD

Athletigen is a sports genetics company with a mission to educate and empower the community with their personal genetic information. Like any elite sports team, the team at Athletigen is motivated by success. They're innovators, their diverse backgrounds and varied experience help them bring fresh ideas to the table daily. They're united by their core commitment to helping every person understand how they are Made for More.

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