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Looking to give your work or weekend look that extra special je ne sais quoi? You can't go wrong with colorful, DNA patterned socks.

Vector art tree in a circle and double helix

The highest quality sequence we offer. WGS+ reads 100% of your DNA and unlocks access to all DNA apps currently in the store.

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by LifeNome

Explore the role DNA plays in your personality traits, learning predispositions, and interpersonal tendencies.

Folded DNA tartan

We analyse a part of the genetic code which makes you unique and convert the data into your very own DNA personalised design.

Man wearing striped DNA scarf

The one and only scarf that truly goes with anything, because it just suits you.

Vector art acorn in a circle and double helix

Our most affordable option. It reads ~1% of your DNA and unlocks access to around 4 in 5 apps in our store.

Vector art acorn leaf and double helix

Read your entire genome and unlock access to all DNA apps currently in the store.

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Get 140+ reports based on your DNA data, for every aspect of your wellness, including nutrition & metabolism, fitness, skincare, allergies & sensitivities, personality & learning.

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Authenticity never goes out of style and neither do completely unique, bright, bold colour patterns.