Your DNA Art

Your DNA Art

Display art from your own DNA results, on Acrylic, Metal, Canvas, and Digitally.

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Combining DNA and our vision we created DNA Vision

Stunning and unique art on acrylic, canvas, metal and also digitallyWall art for individuals, couples, triples, families and moreThe widest range of standard colour palettes and full custom optionsMany other enhancements available


So we pay great attention to the details throughout the design and printing processes ensuring the highest quality.


Communicating at every stage to keep you informed. Listening to your requirements. Meeting your expectations.


Seven styles, four materials, and fifty colour schemes, plus our full custom design services.


Your data is kept safe and never shared with outsiders.

Behind the Scenes

The laboratories are state-of-the-art facilities; fully accredited and certified by the agencies that govern them and the results are guaranteed authentic. Our designers convert the raw lab image into something that you'll be able to display with pride. The image is digitally enhanced and customised per your order. We use only the finest materials and craftsmen when printing our products on whichever material you choose – acrylic, canvas, or metal. They are printed by leading design and print studios for unrivalled quality. The final product is delivered ready for you to hang on your wall.

Complimentary materials augment your DNA Vision

The materials we offer are selected for the way they enhance the DNA art being displayed. We also consider durability, longevity and each material undergoes extensive sampling and testing before it is added to our range of offerings.Digital enables the most modern of displays on high-quality electronic media. It also provides a means to enjoy the artwork on your wall by printing locally on any material of your choosing.


Our DNA Vision Digital range displays the visual representation of DNA bands in a full resolution digital file.When displayed on TV the backlit image radiates the vibrant colors and patterns of the DNA art. Present your digital image on a vast number of display media including flat screen TVs, digital picture frames, tablets and more.Or use the digital file to print your own wall art on the exotic media you choose.


DNA Art US LLC guarantees that the process is authentic and an electronic certificate of authenticity is issued for each artwork. A unique numerical code is assigned to each DNA sample and used throughout the entire production process. This prevents the artwork from being assigned or delivered to the wrong person.

Yes, we can. We have options to add your signature and we have added corporate logos and special text messages in the past. Contact us with your requirements.

You will receive the artwork at your specified address within eight weeks. The Digital range of DNA images will be available within six weeks. Delivery is FREE for customers within the contiguous 48 States. All other destinations will be quoted at the time of ordering and any additional shipping charges are usually quite modest but it does depend on the size and weight of the piece.

We primarily service the US, Canada and the Americas but we can provide our Digital range to anywhere in the world. Delivery of the Digital range is by email and, therefore, free of charge. Simply make all the ordering choices that you want including the size of the artwork and you will receive a Digital image made to those specifications. You can then print the piece locally on your preferred material.

Overwhelmingly, our customers love what they see. This is because we care about what we produce and maintain high standards in all stages of design and production. During the design process, a snippet of the picture is sent to you asking for your approval to finalize production. Added to that our customer service is second to none and we always try very hard to make sure you are pleased with your DNA artwork.

Put your existing DNA data to work.
When you order a product you can chose to upload or read your DNA.

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How it works

Get ready to access latest in DNA discovery in just 3 simple steps.

Vector art two delivery men carrying large box

A little parcel in the mail!

We’ll send you our DNA collection kit, with super simple instructions for collecting a saliva sample.

Vector art spit in test tube

Hit return... (swoosh!)

Once your sample is collected, just mail the kit right back to us. It’s easy, safe, and free!

Vector art check list

Done. Yay!

We will sequence your sample and upload your data in the DNA Vault, so you can access DNA apps instantly!

About DNA Art US

Established in 2010 the objectives of DNA Art US remain the same today as they were then; that is, to provide high-quality personalized artwork together with excellent customer service.

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