Find the exercise right for you! The most comprehensive fitness report available. Work with your body instead of against it. Learn where you are genetically strong and weak to help you maintain a healthy body and reach your goals more quickly.

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Unlock the power of your own DNA!

Fitness and injury prevention are key to our overall health! DNA is our body’s own biological roadmap. The better you understand your DNA, the better you understand yourself.

Balance your weight, balance your life.

With your personalized fitPower report you can tailor your fitness program around how your body responds to different exercises. Understanding where your strengths and weakness are allows you to reach your fitness goals more effectively.

Prevent Injury

The genes analyzed in our fitPower test play an important role in injury prevention. Knowing if you need more muscle recovery time between exercises or if you are at higher risk for tendon and ligament injury can help you tailor your exercise program so that you can get the most from your workouts!

Get Motivated

Are you at higher risk for stroke or cardiovascular diseases? Daily exercise is a key factor is preventing these potentially life threatening diseases. Find out your risk and begin prevention today.

Exercise for your DNA

There is no one-size-fits all exercise program. Genes can determine what exercises you are naturally suited for and they can also tell you how much time you need in between to properly recover.

What you will learn?

We provide exercise and fitness advice related to over 60 SNP’s (gene variations) the allow you to discover the ideal exercise for your unique body. Reduce uncertainty and take a healthy, informed approach to your fitness and well-being!

Power and Endurance

Your genetic ability for high-intensity aerobic and longer endurance activities.

Injury and Recovery

Your susceptibility to joint, ligament or tendon injuries. How effectively your muscles recover and repair after exercise and how your overall body recovers.

Exercise Performance

How well your body regulates blood pressure and utilizes energy during exercise. How well you break down nutrients for energy during exercise and how well you manage oxygen during exercise.

Exercise Response

Your body’s ability to regulate blood sugar due to exercise and how well you manage cardiovascular health.

We are here to help!

Have more questions about the information you received in your report? No problem, we have DNA trained diet and fitness professionals waiting to help. Report consultations and personalized diet plans are available, enabling you get the most from your results.


By testing your DNA in areas proven to impact your fitness abilities, we are able to understand the instructions in your DNA. This knowledge can help you make decisions about what exercises to take part in, how to avoid injury, how much time you need to recover and more. It can help you stay healthier by exercising to support your personal genetic makeup.

Our team of experts has carefully selected the genes we analyze based on extensive peer-reviewed genetic scientific and clinical research. We choose the genetic markers that have a substantial impact on our health related to diet.

There is no minimum age; anyone can have a DNA analysis done! However, parental consent is required if you are under 18 years of age.

The information in this report is for informational and research purposes only. Nothing contained in this report is intended to be instruction for medical diagnosis or treatment and should neither be considered complete nor relied on to indicate a certain course of treatment for any individual. You should not rely on the information in this report to make personal, medical, legal, technical or financial decisions or use it in place of consultation or advice from a physician or other qualified health care providers. Please be aware that you may learn information that you did not anticipate. Please promptly consult your physician with all health care related questions.

Put your existing DNA data to work.
When you order a product you can chose to upload or read your DNA.

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How it works

Get ready to access latest in DNA discovery in just 3 simple steps.

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A little parcel in the mail!

We’ll send you our DNA collection kit, with super simple instructions for collecting a saliva sample.

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Hit return... (swoosh!)

Once your sample is collected, just mail the kit right back to us. It’s easy, safe, and free!

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Done. Yay!

We will sequence your sample and upload your data in the DNA Vault, so you can access DNA apps instantly!

About dnaPower

dnaPower is a pioneer in applying leading edge gene research to develop targeted gene panels to enable people to take power over their health by understanding their unique genetic makeup.

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