DNA Origin (Ancestry)

DNA Origin (Ancestry)

Ancestry DNA testing unveils the history of your DNA!

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Re-live the exciting voyage of your genes and retrace the steps of your forefathers

Recent advances in genomic analysis has enabled us to make accurate predictions about our ancestry at the global and sub-population level.


Know the proportion of DNA you inherited from around the world. Get a detailed report along with tables and charts of the geographical composition of your DNA.


You may have lived in the South India all your life, but what if your forefathers were Tibeto-Burmese? A report with a detailed description and pie chart on your South Asian Composition is presented.


The genetic distance between you and your closest Indian ethnic group. We compare yur DNA with more than 35 ethnic groups.


The Y chromosome is transferred from father to son. Track your paternal ancestors by following your Y chromosome.


Xcode does not provide any direct medical advice to individuals and the reports are to be interpreted only by qualified medical/healthcare professionals.Genetic information must always be considered in conjunction with other information about your health such as lifestyle, family history, biomedical data, nutrition, physical activity etc.Genetic information is subject to revision based on latest advances in scientific research.Genetic interpretations are based on the results of population studies and observations at the population level may not always be observable at an individual level due to individual factors

Genetic information is generated by a wide variety of scientific studies. Hundreds of scientific publications are published every year documenting genetic studies on a variety of conditions. Our scientific team selects those publications that match our quality criteria and organizes this information in a systematic way in the form of reports. Your genetic raw data is processed through our AI and Machine learning systems and matched with our databases to produce your Nutrition, Health, Fitness and other reports.

Put your existing data to work.

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How it works

Get ready to access latest in DNA discovery in just 3 simple steps.

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A little parcel in the mail!

We’ll send you our DNA collection kit, with super simple instructions for collecting a saliva sample.

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Hit return... (swoosh!)

Once your sample is collected, just mail the kit right back to us. It’s easy, safe, and free!

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Done. Yay!

We will sequence your sample and upload your data in the DNA Vault, so you can access DNA apps instantly!

About Xcode

Xcode is a pioneer in personal genomics, specializing in preventative healthcare. They are dedicated to empowering physicians, wellness professionals and individuals with the most validated actionable genomic information, to positively impact health and improve the quality of life.

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