DNA Origins® Paternal Lineage

DNA Origins® Paternal Lineage

Find out more about where your ancestors along the male line settled thousands of years ago.

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Paternal lineage decoded

Learn about your ancestral paternal line and your ancestors’ journey


The report displays your haplogroup designation and map showing your ancestors' journey and where they initially settled in the old world.


We will explain your results in detail and provides more information about ancestry testing and human migration history.

The Science behind your Paternal Lineage DNA Test

The paternal lineage test is based on the fact that the Y chromosome is passed down from father to child relatively unchanged through several generations. Special sections on the Y chromosome, called short tandem repeats (STRs), are examined to determine a person's Y haplogroup—revealing the geographic origins of his ancestors as evidenced by common DNA markers.


IF YOU ARE A FEMALE: Do not submit your own DNA sample—paternal lineage information is found on the Y-chromosome, which women do not have. If you want to do paternal lineage testing, your full biological brother or biological father needs to contribute a DNA sample.

The science of lineage DNA testing relies on portions of human DNA that are passed from parents to children relatively unchanged through many generations. For the paternal line, we examine short tandem repeat (STR) sections on the Y chromosome, which is passed only from father to son.One could say that by examining these key parts of our DNA, our paternal history could be traced as far back as the first peoples who populated the earth. Scientific data shows that modern humans evolved in Africa 400,000 to 130,000 years ago, and started migrating outward.

The test tells you which haplogroup you belong to on your paternal side. A haplogroup is a population of people who share common markers in their DNA, and it is usually associated with a geographical point and a historical point of origin.Along with your haplogroup, we provide a description of applicable populations around the world where the same haplogroup can be found. These populations can be considered your “genetic cousins.”We also give you the specific DNA markers that allowed us to determine your haplogroup, should you choose to do further research with this data. There are publicly-available databases and forums where you could discuss your results!

If you are male, we can take your sample and determine paternal or maternal lineage. If you are female, your sample will only have maternal lineage information, since the paternal lineage information is found on the Y-chromosome. If you want to do paternal lineage testing, your full biological brother or biological father needs to contribute a DNA sample.

No, it doesn’t. However, certain famous individuals in ancient and recent history have been DNA-tested to determine their haplogroups. These include U.S. President Thomas Jefferson, the Wright brothers (aviation pioneers), and the Romanov family. Historical evidence pointing to Genghis Khan and St. Luke have suggested haplogroups for these iconic persons. If your haplogroup matches that of famous people who have been haplotyped, it will be mentioned on the description page that accompanies your certificate.

Certain haplogroups are associated with Jewish ancestry. However, there are varying social and political definitions of what it means to be Jewish, and DNA alone does not determine Jewish ancestry.

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