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DNA Fit Have you taken or are interested in taking a DNA Fit test? Let’s talk about what questions you have, what you learned from your results, what tips you’d give others, or anything more you’d like to know or discuss. LifeNome Share your thoughts or experiences on LifeNome tests and insights. Whether you have questions about the tests, reports, or your results, or whether you’d just like to hear from other community members about how it impacted their lifestyle, this is the place to discuss everything LifeNome. Home DNA If you’re looking to take a Home DNA test or have already taken one, this is the place to ask questions and share thoughts about any Home DNA product, or about the company itself. Xcode Interested in an Xcode DNA app or have already taken an Xcode test? Share your experience, ask for recommendations and reviews, discuss your results, or let us know anything else that’s on your mind about Xcode tests. True Fit for Me Want to take a True Fit for Me test or have you already got one? Let us know what peaked your interest, what more you’d like to learn about the company and its products, or share how your experience was, how it improved your nutrition and lifestyle, or what suggestions you’d give to other GeneTalk community members. Dot One Eyeing that pair of DNA printed socks or did you already get your own DNA printed poster? If you’re into DNA swag and want to learn more about how Dot One products are built, or to share your thoughts on actually ordering or owning one, this is the place to do it. Family Tree DNA Discuss everything Family Tree DNA related, from your ancestry and genealogy questions about their products, to your results and discoveries from getting a Family Tree DNA test. 23andMe
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