Has Anyone Who Has Done Genetic-Mapping, By 23andme (company), Found It Worth It?


23andMe is one of the most popular companies which allow you to map your genes for $99. I wanted to know if it is worth the money, before paying for this service.


Even though 23andMe’s genetic mapping will set you back by $99, you should know that it is worth every penny. For starters, you could get information about your health from 23andMe. I would like to share a personal experience, which will shed light on the accuracy of this type of information.

When my friend did her genetic-mapping, she got to know about the possibility of suffering from blood clotting or deep vein thrombosis. She didn’t pay much attention to this problem, as no one in her family had any issue. Several months later, when she was working out, she found it difficult to breathe. She had to go to the hospital, the next day, as she couldn’t get up from the bed. She found out that she had pulmonary embolism, which wasn’t much of a surprise, as she about the likeliness of suffering from this problem due to genetic-mapping.

Granted, this may not be the case for every individual, it is good to know more about your body. With this information, you can take the necessary precautions to prevent health problems in the future. Also, as genetic-mapping is growing in popularity, the size of the company’s database will continue to expand. Over time, it will become easier to know more about yourself, which is incredible.

Genetic mapping is worth it as you get to know more about your ancestry. You get a lot of information about your ancestors, along with potential matches, making it easier to track down your unknown cousins. Just image, how it would feel to know that you have a second cousin who you didn’t know even existed. If you plan on contacting the people you match with genetically, make sure that go through their data. Due to this, it becomes easier to personalize your message, allowing you to break the ice, faster than expected.

Also, you get to know if you are a carrier of genetic diseases. If this is true, then it may affect your children or grandchildren. Rather than letting the disease get the best of them, you can inform them about the illness in advance, so that they can take the necessary steps to remain healthy.

Last but not the least, it gives you great value for money. For $99, you get to know if you are vulnerable to various diseases or if you are a carrier. You get to know about your ancestry, which is always interesting to know.

My opinion is that genetic-mapping is great, as you get so much information for a small amount of money!