DNA Basics

An introduction to DNA that covers topics like:


Questions about the way genes impact nutrition, metabolism, and the right diets for different body types and DNA profiles. This is a great place to discuss:


Questions about the way genes impact fitness, metabolism, and the right exercise regimens for different body types and DNA profiles. This is a great place to talk and learn about:


Open discussions about how beauty, skincare, and aging are impacted by genes, and how lifestyle changes or treatment can be used to get better results. This category is a great place to talk about:


Share health insights related to genetic testing, ask questions about test results, or discuss anything health and DNA related.

Ancestry and Heredity

Looking to share your family history or discuss with people of different ancestries and learn about their experiences? This topic covers:

Genome Sequencing

Everything you want to ask or learn about genome sequencing, from how it works, to how you can use it to get DNA insights. Discuss things like:

Genetic Tests

With more and more genetic tests becoming available, for different types of analysis or aspects of health and lifestyle, this is the place to ask questions about specific tests, or doing a genetic test in general - from how it works, or how you can benefit from it, to your own experiences, likes and dislikes

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Genetic data

Looking to learn more about how your genetic data is used in DNA tests, your data privacy, and what expectations can you have for your data to be shared or used ethically? Topics in this category include: