What would happen if we were to use CRISPR to eliminate mosqitoes?


Since they’re the number one killer and spread all these diseases. Would the food chain collapse or is it something that science can do to get rid of mosquitoes and not make it catastrophic for the rest of the trophic chain.


I read this analogy a while back, can’t remember where to be honest. But it went something like this.

Think of the food chain as a pair of fishnet stockings (these resemble a net or a web). If you cut out just one intersection of where the net comes together, nothing catastrophic really happens. You’ll still have a pair of stockings. But if you keep cutting away, even randomly and not in a straight line, the whole thing will be gone and useless.

Mosquitoes (even though they are annoying to humans) feed a wide variety of fish, birds and amphibians, so if we get rid of them, those animals will be affected next.

Humans are really arrogant to think they truly understand the entire web of life and how the food chain works. Let’s do some damage control until it’s too late.