How Accurate Is 23andme’s Relative Finder?


When I was checking out 23andMe’s DNA test, I found that it is possible to find hundreds if not thousands of people related to me. Due to this reason, I want to know about the accuracy of the company’s relative finder, before participating in a DNA test.


I can understand your concern as you want to make sure that you spend your money properly. I was a participant in 23andMe’s relative finder when it was in its beta stages. Thanks to this service, I was able to find a third cousin, who I didn’t even know existed. I will go in depth about the company’s relative finder so that you know more about this service.

23andMe doesn’t only use only 24 autosomal markers to find people related to you. Instead, they will use approximately one million markers, which is one factor which differentiates them from other companies. They will look genotypes which are identical or semi-identical, as your ancestors pass them from generation to generation.

If the company finds a match with your DNA, they will find out if that individual is a first, second, or third cousin. They determine the degree of relationship by finding out the drop in DNA. Once you get matches, the company will add their profiles on your page. You get to know about the degree of relationship, the percentage of genes you share with your matches. You can take a look at what is common with your cousin’s chromosomes.

The DNA test from 23andMe is different from other types of genetic genealogy tests, as they only identify the relationships on your maternal or paternal lines. The number of relatives you have depends on your ancestry. For instance, if you are from Europe, there is a high chance of having hundreds of people related to you. If you fall under the Ashkenazi Jews, you may have even one thousand people who are your relatives. When you are Middle Eastern or Asian, the number of matches come down, as the database doesn’t have a lot of people from these areas.

Also, I would like to know that once you obtain the information, you can’t undo your actions. For example, if you find shocking information, such as your brother isn’t your brother, you should know what to do with it. Make sure that you are ready to accept life-changing information before you take a DNA test from 23andMe. Along with all the ancestry information, you also get to know about your health. For instance, you can find out the likeliness of suffering from particular diseases.

If you want to take this test, go to 23andMe’s website and order the DNA test kit. You can also use the services of Family Tree DNA, as they also help you find relatives. The biggest difference between Family Tree DNA and 23andMe is that you don’t get medical information from the former. You only get information about your ethnic ancestry, which is helpful in tracking down your ancestors.