Should I Send My Saliva Genetic Sample Into 23andme Or Not?

I recently got to know about 23andMe’s $99 DNA test kit, which allows me to understand about my genetics. However, after hearing things that my DNA test results are not safe or the government will use it against me, I am apprehensive about giving my genetic sample to 23andMe.

It is quite common for anyone to feel anxious about giving their DNA sample to a company, as they have no idea what they will do with your information. Whatever negative or frightening story you read about 23andMe online, is blown out of proportion. I will show you some of the positives of taking the DNA test, allowing you to make the right decision in the future.

I came across a story online, about how an individual was able to find his biological father, after 50 years. His son got him a 23andMe test kit as a Christmas gift, as the family didn’t have any idea about their ancestry. For instance, his wife’s family chose to leave Ireland, without giving any valid reason for this decision. The father, was adopted by another family, only got to know about his mother, when he became 18 years old. After contacting the adoption agency and sending a letter to his mother, he found out that she wanted to do nothing with him. She even told him that she would approach the authorities, if he tried contacting her again. Her current family had no idea about his existence and she didn’t want to change it.

Thanks to the 23andMe’s test kit, he was able to track down his biological father. After sending his sample, his first cousin (from the paternal side) got in touch with him. Soon, his cousin put him in touch with the biological father. Also, the family got to know about their first cousin.

Another great story that I read was about a lady who didn’t have any biological relatives. After using 23andMe’s service, she got to know that she has plenty of relatives. She started meeting them and going for vacations with her new cousins.

One of the main advantages of sending your saliva sample to 23andMe is, you get to know about your health. The sad news is that you cannot get this information from the company, due to the intervention by FDA. However, there are numerous third-party services, who are willing to go through your raw data to give you a comprehensive health report. The benefit of this data is that you get to know your vulnerability to various diseases. As a result of this, you can make better decisions in your life, which will have a positive impact on your health.

You can also upload the raw data from 23andMe to other websites such as MyHeritage and FTDNA. You get to find more cousins, which will increase the size of your family tree. I would recommend giving your saliva sample to 23andMe as you will get access to interesting information.