Did any of you share your 23andMe results with your GP?


I recently did a 23andMe test and I was thinking to share it with my GP but I don’t know if it will be useful or not.


I have tried this several times and got mixed reactions ranging from genuine interest to complete disbelief. Last year I was being tested for autoimmune issues so I decided to bring my 23andMe results to my appointment with my GP. During the meeting, my GP showed a real interest although he wasn’t familiar with 23andMe. After I’ve walked him through my profile and showed him the items that could be related with our appointment, we began to discuss about what these could mean as well as next steps. I don’t think that looking at my 23andMe results changed the way his thinking or his decision-making. But it was great to see that he was very interested and very open to discussing about this. Overall, I think it was very useful for me to have this data when I met with my GP. It made me feel more comfortable in the discussion and grounded during this conversation.

My partner’s experience on the other hand wasn’t at all positive. She recently told her dermatologist she was getting testing done through 23andMe given her family history of melanoma. Her doctor shown interest but because of the lack of education on genomics she had no idea about how she might use this piece of information.