Who has access to my genetic data?

The golden rule is that you are always in control of your genetic data. You are its sole owner and the only one who can grant others access to it.

We never give your genetic data to any third parties. So, no one can access your genetic data except yourself, unless you share access with a third party. When you buy one of the genetics apps from our DNA App Store, you give the app permission to access only the specific genes or parts of your DNA that are needed for the analysis (this is a set number or SNPs). This information is sent to them on an encrypted communication channel, so they can run the analysis, generate a report and give you DNA insights.

How do I order an App

Your anonymity is always insured. You will never be fully identifiable on our platform. We encrypt, anonymize, and access control your data permanently.

Moreover, the anonymity of your genetic data is always insured. Your personal data goes through a process of anonymizing where it is replaced with a digital identity that cannot be tracked back to you. 

Privacy and Security

It is your decision whether to provide your real name for registration and data upload, or to enter an alias.

Your DNA and personal data are anonymized, and app partners only receive the specific genes they need to analyze, never your full genome or identity. You are always completely incognito when you use the DNA Vault and the Lumminary App Store.

Your data is encrypted the moment it leaves your computer, travels on encrypted communication channels, and stays encrypted when it is stored in the DNA Vault.