What name should I give my genetic file?

There are no hard rules about this. 

In case you want to upload more than one genetic file, we suggest you name your genetic files with names that make it easier for your to remember which is which. You might have a data set from 23andMe and another from Ancestry.com, or you might decide at one point to get a WGS from Lumminary. With multiple data sets on your account, you might want to set one of them as your default genetic file. Technically, you can name them however you want. 

How do I set a default genetic file?

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How can I upload my genetic data?

Remember, your anonymity is always insured. You will never be fully identifiable on our platform. We encrypt, anonymize, and access control your data permanently.

Moreover, the anonymity of your genetic data is always insured. Your personal data goes through a process of anonymizing where it is replaced with a digital identity that cannot be tracked back to you. 

It is your decision whether to provide your real name for registration and data upload, or to enter an alias.

Who has access to my genetic data?