What's the maximum age for a woman to have a baby?

Is 45 too old for that? Can a 45 year old woman still have a healthy baby?

If you are in relatively good health and have a healthy weight, 45 is not too old to have a baby.

So don’t stress to much about your age. Before modern contraception became mainstream in the Western world, women would have children well into “older” age. And still today, in societies with less sex education or access to modern day health care, babies are born all the time (see overpopulation).

My dad’s mom had him when she was at 41. And her mom had her around the same age I think. A good friend of mine is now pregnant with hr first child at the age of 40, and in her group of friends there are older moms as well.

It’s true that fertility is lower in your 40s, but please don’t believe clickbait titles you see on facebook. If you’re a healthy 40-year-old (no preexisting conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, or weight issues), you can still get pregnant, though it may take more than one cycles of trying.

The risk of miscarriage at 40 is high, around 30%, and the miscarriage rate at 45 is closer to 50%, because your body attempt to reject any genetically abnormal embryos, leaving only the strong to survive and go to term. That being said, if you do make it to term, the chances are high you’ll have a healthy child. There are some risks of chromosomal abnormalities, but not dangerously high just because of age.