What's the difference between Whole Genome Sequencing and Whole Genome Sequencing Plus?

There’s quite a significant price difference between the 2 products. Not really sure why I would choose one over the other. Thanks!

I haven’t done a WGS through Lumminary myself, because I already had data from 23andMe, but I gave it a read and I think it’s pretty straight forward.

It’s just a matter of accuracy. For the normal WGS, they read each nucleotide 15 times to make sure it’s the correct one.

For WGS+ they read each nucleotide 30 times.

The price difference is only 1/3 more, instead of 100% more. So I guess it depends on the budget that you have and what kinds of tests you want to do in the future. They’re both good options I think, the best really, as you’ll have 100% of your DNA with either of them.

I’m currently saving for a WGS myself, as I only have genotyping from 23andMe and would like to find out more. But I’m also not yet sure which one to go for.

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