What's the difference between genotyping (what 23andMe does) and sequencing?


I am wondering how all these type of sequencing are different


Sequencing is what it’s called when you “read” your DNA. So genotyping is also sequencing, it just reads a very tiny part of your DNA. I don’t know in percentages but is minuscule, that’s how they keep it so affordable. There are other types of sequencing like exome sequencing or whole genome sequencing (WGS). Luminary offers both of these if you want to know more.


Genotyping reads .02% of the genome, whereas whole genome sequencing reads 100%


There’s a huge difference. If you have the option, go for exome or whole genome sequencing. Compared to how much more information it gives you is not that much more expensive, and a lot of tests on the market now need more than just genotyping data for a comprehensive report.