What surprised you the most about your DNA test results?


I find DNA tests extremely interesting as the results have the power to change the way you live life completely. As DNA tests can give unexpected answers, I always wanted to know what surprised people the most.


For starters, every DNA testing company uses different types of algorithms, which has an impact on the results.

To see how true this statement is, I took several DNA tests from Ancestry.com, My Heritage, FTDNA, and Wegene. I have a fair amount of knowledge about my ancestors- I know I have Russian, Italian, and Spanish roots. To expand on this point, I would like to say that most of my family members were from the Iberian Peninsula region, Greece/Italy, and Eastern Europe.

The results from Ancestry was interesting, as it showed that the majority of my genes are European. However, it also gave me a bit of surprise, as the results pointed out that I have West Asian, Middle East, Finnish, Jewish, and British ancestors.

After transferring this data to My Heritage, the website told me that I am mostly European, along with traits from Asia, North Africa, and Eastern Europe. However, it gave me another surprise as it said I have a hint of Native American genes. FTDNA stated that I was more of a Sephardic Jewish, while Wegene said that I also had Sardinian, French, and Hungarian roots.

However, my friend, who is sure that she is from Southern China, had mixed feelings about her results. Her DNA test result from Ancestry UK wasn’t fruitful as it told her that she had East Asian and Polynesian genes. 23andMe told her that she wasn’t completely Chinese, due to which she used Wegene to get more information. The website told her that she isn’t 100% Chinese, as she has traits of Japanese, Korean, Gaoshan, Dai, Hmong, Thai, and Vietnamese.

I also came across a story where an individual was able to trace his roots back to his great-grandfather, who was Jewish. After his father took the test, he was able to confirm his Jewish roots, which was surprising as his dad believed he was Welsh and Irish. After conducting a proper investigation, the family found out that their great-grandfather was from Romania, but decided to change his surname from Nachumson to Morrison.

Another family was able to explain why they were attracted to Eastern European soul and culture, even though they were mainly from Germany. Their DNA test results showed that the majority of their genes came from Eastern Europe, which explained why they felt comfortable with Russian and Polish people.

Also, an individual from Pakistan who resides in the UK was shocked by his test results. His genes had Middle Eastern, North East Asian, Asia Minor, and European traits. To understand the truthfulness of these tests, he went through his family history. He found out that the test result was on point, as he had a handful of distant relatives who came from Europe.