What Is The Best Ancestry Test For Adopted Children?


When I was about to get an ancestry test, it got me thinking about how this process can help adopted children find their parents. As there are many companies which offer ancestry tests, I wanted to know which one is the best of the lot.


I went through several posts on various online platforms to find the answer to this question. From my understanding, you should always choose an ancestry test that your biological parent, close relative, or sibling took, as it increases the chances of knowing more about your ancestors. However, as this isn’t the case with everyone, you have to try out 23andMe, Ancestry, Family Tree DNA. One way to approach this situation is to try the services of one company, before taking another test.

Also, you should know that when you take this test, be prepared to get large volumes of data. For instance, every company will have more than 300 – 400 matches, which makes it challenging to track down your ancestors.

From personal experience, I find Ancestry to be extremely reliable out of all the companies. If you use Ancestry DNA Helper, a Google Chrome add-on, it makes your job easier. For example, it goes through all the data of your cousins and informs you which ancestors are common. From here, you have to use elimination and guesswork to find ancestors who are in your family tree. If you can track down your grandparents, it becomes quite easy to find the truth about your birth parents.

Another technique is to know about your blood type and combine this data with your haplogroup, will make it easier to track your ancestors. If you don’t want to take a test, you can ask the organization who has access to your adoption folder. By informing the organization you want to make contact with your biological parents, there is a chance of getting to meet them.

You can also use Family Tree DNA, which has a huge database. Also, they do have a separate section for adopted children, an indicator of their specialization in helping people find their birth parents.

Another company which you will find helpful is 23andMe, as they also have an enormous database, which increases the chances of finding people related to you. If you want to know more about your ancestors and you are a male, FTDNA is your best bet. As this company uses a large number of markers, the test results should give you accurate results.

As a female, it becomes a little challenging to track down your bloodline. However, you should never give up hope as there is always a chance of finding your birth parents, relatives, and grandparents. One advantage of taking an ancestry test is that you will get more information about the likeliness of suffering from various diseases. For example, Promethease is one website where you can share you’re the raw data of your test results.

Also, every company’s database is expanding on a regular basis, as more consumers are using their services.