What is it like to find out your child has Down Syndrome, whether it is during pregnancy or after birth? If this happened to you, who told you the news, and what was your initial reaction?


When I see children with genetic disorders, it always makes me sad that they have to deal with those problems every day, for the rest of their lives. I started to think about how the parents would have dealt with the situation after getting to know about it.


I can’t imagine what every parent has to go through when they get to know that their beloved child is going to have Down Syndrome, a genetic disorder. Immediately, I started to look for stories to see how people have reacted to this situation. After going through several posts, I started having more faith in humanity, as I found hundreds of people who went above and beyond to take care of their children.

The most recent story that comes to my mind is of my friend who became pregnant at the age of 35. Even though she got the news from her obstetrician and gynecologist after giving birth, she remained as calm as possible. Later, when she got to know about the risks, she started panicking as she didn’t know how to help her child. Even though she felt like giving up, she tried her best to raise her child. She taught him how to use the toilet, make breakfast, and read, which is simply outstanding.

The second story was a post I came across that filled my eyes with tears. According to this post, the lady was 11 weeks pregnant with her third child, when she got a call from her doctor. After getting to know about the condition of her unborn child, she was in tears. On the bright side, she and her husband still went ahead to bring the child into the world. They are giving it everything they have to ensure that their daughter becomes successful in her life.

Now, all the stories I have come across are not so heart-warming. However, the majority of them are, and those parents make you proud; they accepted the news with grace, and they did and are doing everything to make this world a better place for their children.

The last story I would like to mention here is about a mother who was given the option of terminating the pregnancy as her daughter had Down Syndrome. Rather than giving up, she decided to give birth to her daughter.

I find it amazing to know that several parents are ready to raise children even if they have to deal with down syndrome. Despite getting shocked by the news, they never let their emotions get in the way. They learn everything they can about this genetic disorder so that they can give their children the care and attention they need to become wonderful human beings in the future.

To be honest, I’ve never read more heartwarming stories in my life. Hats off to all the parents who choose to keep their children, despite knowing the fact they are going to be born with Down Syndrome!