What does heart-healthy mean? In terms of diet


What is the best dietary approach for a healthy heart?


To keep your heart healthy, concentrate on having a healthy and balanced diet plan with all the macro and micro nutrients as every nutrient has its own role to play in the body. Following are couple of points which can help you:

Get complex carbs to sustain energy release. The majority of carbohydrates are sources of many micro nutrients like magnesium, selenium and others which work to maintain cardiovascular functions.

Have adequate protein in diet to maintain the muscular performance. Protein have a function in keeping the immunity and hormone level which is very important for general health and well being. According to the RDA, a healthy individual must take in 0.8 to 1.2 g protein/ kg body weight/ day to prevent any shortage. Nevertheless, this requirement increases with increase in day-to-day physical activity.

Eat fresh vegetables and fruits to get all the anti-oxidants that saves your body from free radical damage and keeps the heart healthy. These also have anti inflammatory properties that assists in decreasing inflammation from body.

Keep your salt consumption in control, as higher salt content in your diet can obstruct the high blood pressure causing irregular heart rate. Table salt is considered to be significant source of sodium in the diet, therefore, prevent adding salt in salads or where you don’t need it as much.

Include sufficient fibre in your diet as fibre assists in lowering cholesterol from the body which prevents the heart from any blockage and keeps the blood circulation excellent.