What Are Chinese People’s DNA Ancestry Test Results?


As Chinese people have a rich history, I wanted to know if people got some interesting data from their test results.


I think I am in a great position to answer this question, as my girlfriend’s parents are Cantonese. Her father comes from Hong Kong, while her mother was born in Foshan. Her grandparents are from the same place and have an ancestral place in Guangdong. I would like you to know that they don’t know about any ancestor who lived outside this area.

First, I asked my girlfriend to take the DNA test from 23andMe before giving Wegene, a Chinese-based company her raw data. The reason is that 23andMe customer base is American and European. 23andMe gave my girlfriend a broad answer, saying that majority of here genes are Chinese and South East Asian, while an extremely small percentage are British and Irish. After feeding this data to Wegene, I got similar results, which is quite interesting.

I came across a post of another Chinese user, whose father came from the Southeast Guangdong region, before moving to Hong Kong. Her mother was from Hakka, which is from Guangdong region. Her genes are the same as those in Southeast Asian and South Chinese populations. However, when she chose to take Wegene’s DNA test, she got to know that she doesn’t have any genes from Northern Chinese. When she compared her results with her best friend who is from Vietnam, she found out that both of them are similar. Her reasoning was that since their places are quite close, it makes a lot of sense for them to have similar genes.

Another interesting story that I got to know while going through the Internet was of an individual who has both Chinese and European genes. Upon digging deeper, he was able to understand the reason behind this admixture. For instance, his mother, her parents, and her grandparents are Cantonese. From what their ancestors were able to record, he found out that there was a connection between the English and Scottish.

One of the test results was about a user who wanted to try MyHeritage DNA, which isn’t as popular as some of the other companies. The user was expecting his results to say that he was mostly Chinese, with a mixture of European genes. However, to his surprise, the test results said that most of the genes came from Southeast Asia.

Most of the other stories that I found are quite similar, without any surprising test results. For instance, a lot of them get to know that they are mostly from China, with a small portion of their genes coming from other regions. A lot of people were able to get to the bottom of their different genes, by researching their family history.

Han Chinese accounts for the majority of the population in a large number of areas. For example, Singapore, Taiwan, and Mainland China are the areas where you will find people with Han Chinese genes. There are some people with European genes, but the admixture is extremely small.