I’m Confused About My DNA Results. What Ethnicity Am I?

When I took a DNA test, the results were quite confusing, as it showed me that I have genes from a variety of regions. Due to this, I have always wondered if people ever questioned their ethnicity after DNA test results, as it plays a huge role in their identity.

As I was scouring the internet for information about DNA test results, I came across a post that was extremely interesting. After taking the test, the individual found out that he had Persian, South Asian, European, Caucasus, Jewish, and Arabian/Middle Eastern genes.

The reason I find this interesting is that the individual was born in Iran. If you take a look at any history book, you will understand why I find this case appealing. As you know, humans used to travel and mix a lot, back in the day. Due to this reason, it is quite common to have a rich history of genes. Also, you should know that as you go back every generation, the number of relatives you have increased by a factor of two. For example, if you go back 10 generations, the figure is more than 1000. Similarly, if you go back 20 generations, it crosses a million.

As the individual sent his DNA sample to Ancestry, I would like to elaborate on their testing procedure. Their sample size consists of people from 26 regions from all over the world. After reproducing your DNA 40 times, they take each result and compare them to the reference sample. They average the results, which gives them a range about your ancestors.

Moving on, the Middle East was a crossroad in the past, as it experienced tremendous amounts of activity. Wars, ethnic mixing, and invasions had a huge role to play in the gene admixture.

Going back to this individual’s case, you can understand the diversity in his genes. For instance, his Persian genes came from the fact that his ancestors were living in Iran. However, you should also know that it isn’t always necessary for every Iranian to be a Persian. The South Asian blood could have come from Pakistan and Afghanistan, as these regions were under the control of Iranian empires for several years. Also, the Northern Indians and Iranians ancestors come from the Indo-Aryans, which could explain his South Asian genes.

For the European aspect, it makes a lot of sense, as the Greeks had colonies all over the world. For instance, you can trace their colonies all the way to India, which shows you the extent of their influence.

Caucasus is a little challenging to explain, as this region was a part of a variety of empires. For the Jewish genes, it is because of the Jewish immigrants and refugees who settled in various parts of Europe. As Iran was close to several Arab countries, it is safe to say why you can find their genes in the individual’s DNA test results.

I would like to conclude by saying that it is quite common to have a lot of ethnicities, as humans traveled to different places. The best practice is to identify yourself from your birthplace, to avoid confusion.

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