Has anyone used an ancestry DNA services and found family they didn’t know about?


I really wanted for a long time to do one of those DNA tests that gives details about your descendants. Is there any possibility to find unexpected family?


Sure, this can happen to everyone. I took a test last year and after some time I saw a match with a 2nd cousin. Since he was close from where I lived, I contacted him and found he is from my great-grandfather’s family side. I knew I had some extended relatives but I have never seen them before in my life. More so, I’m pretty sure they don’t even know I exist.

I’ve also read on a forum about this guy who found a number of unexpected cousins of his mom as well as some 2nd cousins of him in the UK after he and his mother did an ancestry DNA test. The test results indicated a match to a woman in Canada, which they got in touch with. They were able to track down their grandfather’s family members, as they weren’t able to do so before since he had changed his identity. They now found a number of new 1st and 2nd cousins they never knew about.