Do you suffer from a rare disease or medical condition? If so, can you share what it’s like to live with it?

Is it something that people can tell you have? Or is it hidden?

Few years ago I went for a routine physical exam and because I had a delayed reaction during a normal reflex test my doctor ordered some additional tests. When the results of my MRI came back I found out was in the beginning stages of MS (Multiple Sclerosis). When I first found out I was shocked as I had no idea what MS was. After doing some research and finding out more about the disease and how unpredictable it is I started to be more afraid.

MS is a mysterious and debilitating autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system, causing nerve damange in the brain and spinal cord. The symtoms associated with MS are loss of motor control, fatigue and blurry vision.

In my case, the fatigue set in within the first year. This was followed by constant and strong tingling in my legs and decreased mobility. I can’t walk for long periods of time without taking a rest. I can’t run anymore and I really miss this.

What I would like everyone to know about living with such a disease is that no matter how hard it is, it always helps if you try to stay positive. It’s not going to go away.