Do you have a story about how a genetic test uncovered lies about family histories?

As genetic tests tell you the truth about your family history, I have always wondered if people have stories about how they discovered lies through this technique.

I wanted to find out if people were able to uncover the truth after taking genetic tests, as the DNA can never lie. I came across an interesting story, where an individual overheard his family members talking about Ancestry. As the individual was a young person, he was quite curious; he went to the website. He went to his grandmother to obtain the password. However, his father stopped her from giving the password, which piqued his curiosity.

Once he found the password (which took him a year), he found out that he was adopted and he had a sister, who was a triplet. After confronting his parents, he got to know that his biological father and mother were together for a while before they went their separate ways. However, his discovery led to more developments, as his biological mother wanted him back in her life, which created problems with his current family. The sad thing was that he had to deal with anxiety and depression as he found out that his current family was lying to him for a long time.

One of the most interesting stories that I came across was the case of Alice Collins Plebuch. She was one of the first consumers to use the site Ancestry to find out more information about her family. Even though her family was Irish American Catholics, her tests showed that she had Eastern European, Middle Eastern, and European Jewish blood. After asking her entire family to take the test, they found out that they were Jewish, not Irish. As her father was adopted, she conducted an investigation to uncover his true identity. After several years of hard work, she found out that her father got exchanged with an Irish child when they were infants. As a result of this, even though her father’s family wanted an Irish baby, they got a Jewish one.

Another case was about the truth of an argument between a grandmother and grandfather. During their quarrel, the grandfather let his wife know that the last four children (out of 10) were not his, which upset one of their daughters. After she grew up and raised a family, she sent her DNA to be tested on Ancestry, only to find out that her favorite sibling was only a half-sister. As the sister resembled her youngest brother, they concluded that they have the same father.

One more story which interested me deeply was the one where a lady found out that she had a blood match with a complete stranger. Rather than getting a distant cousin match, they were quite close, as the stranger had pictures of their great-aunt and grandmother. After doing some background research on her great-uncle, she got to know that the man had twins, who were adopted by different families.