Do all Scandinavians (Danes, Swedes etc.) have blonde hair, blue eyes, are tall and slim and good-looking? It certainly looks like it


I’ve just returned from a trip to Copenhagen, and I can honestly say I was blown away by how beautiful people are there. The bone structure, the skin, the fashion sense, the overall appearance. Like, how? How is it possible to be that genetically blessed?


A large majority of people in Northern European countries have light coloured hair - blonde, light brown - and light coloured eyes - anything from blue eyes to different shades of grey.

Anthropologist Robert Frost did a study on eye colour, specifically the distribution of light coloured eyes. I’ve attached a chart below from his study:

The blue represents 80%+ light eyes, light teal is 50-79% light eyes, olive is 20-49% light eyes, dark brown is 1-19% light eyes, and black represents no presence of light eyes in the indigenous population.


And here’s another one. This time it shows the distribution of people with blonde or light coloured hair.

Yellow means that over 80% of people have blonde hair, orange represents 50–79%, light brown represents 20–49%, dark brown is less than 20%, and black represents no people with blonde hair:


People from Scandinavian countries, or more broadly from the North of the European continent are generally taller, however there are other nations with even taller people, like the Dutch for example (especially women) or people from the Balkan countries. Here’s a link to average height in populations worldwide: List of average human height worldwide - Wikipedia

Now… in terms of good looking, that’s a whole other story, and can’t really be explained genetically, but rather culturally. It’s highly subjective, so I won’t approach that part of your question.