Can you determine your blood type from genotyping raw data?

Do you know if there are SNPs that determine your blood type that you would find in a 23andMe analysis?

23andMe used to have this option, about… 3 years ago I think, not really sure. But it’s not available anymore.

This is what their disclaimer used to be:

We use a set of 11 SNPs in the ABO gene to determine your ABO blood type: rs8176719, rs1053878, rs7853989, rs8176740, rs8176743, rs8176746, rs41302905, rs8176747, i4000504, rs8176749, i4000505. However, there are many other mutations and deletions in the ABO gene that can affect blood type. If you have one of these more rare mutations, your actual blood type could be different than that predicted by these SNPs.

So if you already have some genetic data, maybe go on Promethease and use this list of 11 SNPs to determine your blood type. If you go on your report in the the top left corner, there are three tabs Main, Blood, and PGx. Click on Blood and you’ll see a large text saying “ABO blood type” with your type listed right below.

The easiest way, though, and the most accurate is to go and give some blood or have blood tests done at your GP and they’ll be able to tell you for sure.

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This is the SNP you are looking for: rs8176719

Read more about it here:

There are 3 common alleles (A, B and O) of the ABO gene which combined, give 6 possible outcomes, and 4 possible blood types:

Alleles ABO Type

The Rh is not usually determined by consumer tests, but can be, if you look at i4001527 and rs590787, for Rh+ and Rh + respectively.

Here’s some more information on other SNPs which can be responsible for determining your blood type: