Are there any cases of twins or triplets that look completely different from each other?


Have you ever heard of cases of twins that look and behave completely different from each other?


There are numerous cases when twins can look completely different.
Non-identical twins are called fraternal twins and they develop from two different
sets of egg and sperm. They can often be different genders. The chromosomes from the
father’s sperm determine the gender and the chances of fraternal twins resulting in
boys, girls or a combination are same as for any other babies.
Just as any other siblings, they share about 50% of their DNA.
It is often when fraternal twins not only look very different but they have different
eye color, hair color, stature and personalities. Of course, they can be very similar
to the point people will think they are identical twins.
Fraternal twins can be conceived at different times and sometimes even by different
fathers. This occurs when two eggs are released and fertilized sometimes even with
an interval of few days in between.
Fraternal twins with different fathers can happen when a woman releases multiple eggs
and has sexual relations with more than one partner and both eggs are being fertilized.
There are known situations when fraternal twins are different races.